This Is The Sad Truth Behind The Boy In “The Focused Kid” Meme, You Will Shed Tears


It is rare to find a meme that captures a nation’s imagination. ‘The Focused Kid’ meme had however managed to do exactly that. The meme has been shared on numerous social media platforms and it is still making rounds.
The meme has hilarious descriptions that will make you laugh for a very long time.

The identity of this mystery kid has finally been revealed.

His name is Jake Amo and he lives in Asempanaye, Ghana. The photo was taken by Emmy Award Winning CBS Chicago photographer Carlos Cortes. He is not pleased by how the photo is interpreted on social media.


He reposted a post written by Solomon Adufah where Solomon expresses his disappointment on how the internet interprets things. He explains that the picture was taken during an Artworksop where Jake and other children were given crayons, pencils, toys and other goodies. Most of these kids live in abject poverty and rarely get to receive the things that we take for granted. He also went ahead to say how passionate he is about the #Homeland Ghana Mission and helping children. He concluded his post by telling people to support Jake in his love for art.

In line with his mission Solomon begun a GoFundMe project to raise at least $20,000 for Jake’s (the meme Kid) education and other children who are going through the same situation in his village.


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