This Is Why Terryanne Chebet and Kirigo Ngarua Were Fired From Citizen TV


Wachira Waruru the Group Managing Director at Royal Media Services sent a memo to all Royal Media staff informing them of their intentions of downsizing the staff.

According to Wachira, a number of developments in the broadcasting industry over the last two years have affected their business environment and thus created a need for staff reduction.

According to reports, about 100 Royal Media Services employees will be fired. The first lot consisted of a number of familiar faces including Terryanne Chebet and Kirigo Ngarua.

Sources have revealed that the main reason why Terryanne Chebet was fired is because she was receiving a very big salary which could be used to pay more than five employees. Rumours have it that her work rate was not as impressive as other employees’. This was another reason why she got fired. Kirigo Ngarua on the other hand was also sacked because of her big salary and the fact that she did not manage to get high ratings while hosting the morning show.

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