This Is How Donald Trump Won The Us Election And Shocked The World


This is how Donald Trump Won the US Election and Shocked the World
Donald Trump is going to be the 45th president of the United States of America and also the commander in chief after he won the 2016 presidential elections.

This is a great achievement for someone who is a novice in the political field. The political class of the nation had written Trump off and many were convinced he would lose the elections.

Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton who is a former first lady, secretary of state as well as a senator. Clinton was the first female to run for presidency in America.

Barack Obama the outgoing president did not see Trump as a potential president of the US and he even said that he was a threat to the democratic republic foundations.

After his win, Hilary Clinton called him to congratulate him.
He won despite the fact that 61% of the American people viewed him negatively according to the polls.

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