This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About Donald’s Trump Win Over Hillary Clinton And Why It Shocked The Entire Human Race


The race to the White House was like a clash of the Titans. The battle of supremacy between Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Republican Donald Trump has left the world in shock. Trump defied the criticisms he received during the campaigns to trounce Clinton. This year’s US campaigns will go down in the books of history as” the dirtiest” this nation has ever experienced.

The key swing states such as Ohio, North Carolina and Florida are among those that influenced the outcome of the elections. The core states that have been voting for the Grand Old Party did not disappoint Trump as he emerged the winner with a great margin. Clinton’s win would have marked the first time in the history of the US for a woman to head the nation. It would have also been remembered as the first time for the Democrats to have two presidents in consecutive terms.

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