This Is What Happened To Clinton After She Lost The Elections

There was an awkward silence at what was supposed to be a presidential victory party for Hilary Clinton. More and more states turned red for the Republican president Donald Trump.

Many people were not expecting Donald Trump to win. Those attending Hillary’s event confessed that they had been nervous going to the event. However, none of them imagined that the event would turn out to be a political funeral.
Underneath the hall, there is a food court in which Hilary was to write her name in one of the history books after her big win. Two women sat there sobbing and there was free-flowing alcohol.

Margarita a government employee said that she feared for the future of America. Some spoke of how ignorant they though Trump’s supporters were and most of the people who were hoping to celebrate Clinton as the first female president got sadder and sadder at about 9.00p.m..

Clinton, her husband and some supporters were at a nearby hotel avoiding the press.

By midnight, most people had left the event following a report by The Times claiming Trump had a 95% chance of winning.

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