This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About Bishop Allan Kiuna’s Alleged Affair And Accusations Of Cheating On His Wife


Bishop Kiuna is accused of having an affair with a woman who might be expecting his child. According to Tuko, the bishop is believed to have started the affair a while back.

Reverend Cathy Kiuna has on many occasions paraded her ‘happy and satisfactory’ marriage in public. She is said to have left the country after finding out her husband has been cheating on her. This was after Allan Kiuna was left out of his granddaughter’s photo session.

The story has been making rounds on social media and many seem to believe that the issues will bring the couple down.

Tuko highlighted the story after recieveing word from a very credible source about what was happening in the Kiuna house. Apparently, Cathy left for South Africa to cool down. Allan is also said to have left the JCC church to start his own church in Kiambu Road and escape the scandal.

“I am a man of integrity, I’m only in love with one woman, Kathy Kiuna and all other accusations are untrue and unfounded. That rumour is unfounded, baseless and wrong, that’s all for now,” This is what the bishop had to say when Tuko reached out for his comment on the matter.

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