This Is What You Probably Didn’t Know About The Mysterious Kayole Resident Who Stole Ksh27 Million From Equity Bank During The Weekend

A mysterious man who lives in Kayole next to Equity Bank is believed to have colluded with some of the bank’s employees to plan the theft that took place at the bank on Saturday night. The suspect is said to have kept to himself most of the time never talking to neighbours and always keeping his door locked even when going just 10 meters away from his house.

Japheth Koome, Nairobi County Police Commander said that the bank had not stated the amount of money that was stolen but it is estimated to be about Ksh27 million.

Two security guards, several employees and one person are currently being investigated for the crime.

The main suspect is a young man who lives in a single room court that shares a wall with the bank. According to a nearby businessman, the young man lives there despite the fact that the premises are used for business purposes. The businessman also said that the man was rarely visited by anyone.
The police suspect that the man had been drilling a hole to get access to the bank. They believe that it is through the hole that the man and his accomplices got to steal the money.
The bank manager, Crispo Maina says they found out about the theft at 3 pm on Sunday despite the fact that the theft continued up to Sunday morning.

In his statement Crispo Maina said that he had been alerted by the ICT department that the ATM signal was down. They sent Simon Kamau an employee of the bank to check on the issue. This is when he realized that the PIN pad located at the entrance of the bank had been tampered with.
The police are however hopeful that they will arrest the suspects.

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