Very Juicy Details Emerge About Bishop Kiuna’s Alleged Cheating On His Wife, You Won’t Believe What People Are Saying


Kathy and Allan Kiuna have time and time again paraded their marriage in public and they are considered a “power couple” by many. This was the case until Tuko reported that Allan Kiuna has been cheating on his wife for a while and has allegedly gotten the pango wa kando pregnant.

When the bishop was asked to comment on the issue, he denied all allegations claiming that he is a man of integrity and that the only woman he loves is his wife Kathy.

As always, Kilimani mums had to give their two cents on the issue.
One lady commented on the issue by saying, “Haiya, kama cathy life coach can be two timed mpaka kamimba kaingie basi who am I to complain… I wanna call my x we make up.. At least there was no baby involved????????????but you know Kathy too had her first baby before marriage,”

Another said, “Na ndio nawaambiaga msituambie just everything that happens in your bedrooms. Hii kujianika kwa media ndio wengine wanatembea kwa kamina ngui’ niweewa Nilla Petty, Fassie Ayacko, Frida Mwende. Na Molly Adhiambo.”
The comments kept rolling in as more and more people expressed their shock about the Kiuna scandal.

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