Kathy Kiuna Surprises Everyone By Saying This About Allegations Of Her Husband Impregnating Another Woman


Kathy Kiuna and her husband Allan Kiuna are an inspiration to many people especially their congregation. This is because they seem to have a perfect marriage, family and their life is also perfect in many people’s eyes.

Their marriage was recently rocked by a scandal after Tuko revealed that the couple’s marriage might be in trouble. Tuko made claims that Bishop Allan Kiuna cheated on his wife. He was also accused of bringing forth a child. Kathy Kiuna was said to have left for South Africa to calm down from the issue.

The Kiuna’s have however denied all claims made by the popular blog. Allan Kiuna said he is a man of integrity and that the only woman he loves is Kathy Kiuna.
Kathy backed up his husband by saying that she is grateful to have him not only as a husband but also as a best friend. She also added that he is a man of integrity and urged him to keep walking tall.

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