Kenyan Billionaire Chris Kirubi Could Be Following In Donald Trump’s Footsteps But Says This About His Ambitions

Kenyan billionaire Chris Kirubi has set the record straight as to whether or not he intends to vie for presidency any time in the near future.

Many could not help but wonder whether Chris Kirubi would be interested in following in Donald Trump’s footsteps especially since Trump emerged victorious in the recent Presidential Elections in the US.
The billionaire said that he would rather take up an advisory role than get into politics because he is not interested in politics.

He gave examples of Ghana and other countries where he has played an advisory role saying that that is the role that suits him the best.

The business mogul also added that politics is a calling and only certain people can be good at it. He said that politics is similar to business in the sense that there are people who are good at it and there are some who aren’t. He concluded by saying everyone has his or her own space.

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