Janet Mbugua Has A Bad Hair Day

It is common knowledge that prime time news is watched more to check out the who’s who in the broadcasting world. What they are wearing and if they have gained or lost a couple of pounds, not forgetting what the latest fashion trend in the country is. The trend setters grace our screens every day to show us what we should be wearing and how we should be wearing it.

This was however not the case with one of the trendiest anchors in one of the local newsroom in the country. Janet Mbugua seemed to be having a bad hair day, literally, and this has seen several women cal her out on what seems to be a bad weave, or wig that did no justice to her opulent demeanor.
The hairstyle made her forehead seem protruded and people took to social media to tell her to change her hair stylist and or reconsider the look. She has since changed her hair style but she wont be leaving this down for a while.

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