Shocking! This Is The Nairobi Woman Who Sacrificed Her 8yr Old For Devil Worshippers


Utter shock hit the residents of Kirinyanga County after a woman admitted that she killed her 8 year old son after being given instructions to do so for money. The woman allegedly sacrificed her child for KES 20000; money she was offered by devil worshippers.

According to the woman, her cult leader had given her the option to either sacrifice her son or her mother. It is alleged that the devil worshippers who promised to pay KES 20,000 after the deed was done, live in Nairobi’s South C estate.

Police followed up on a tip-off from villagers in the area. It was while on her way to the Karatina District Hospital mortuary that she was taken for questioning. The woman admitted to being a devil worshipper.
She is currently being held at the Baricho Police Station, where she will be held for 14 days as investigations on the crime carry on.

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