This Is The Gun Wielding Maniac Who Was Threatening To Kill A Nairobi Mechanic For Doing This

Nairobi seems to be infamous for the gap between the able and prominent city dwellers and the not so able. A video doing rounds on the inter webs has only endorsed this fact. Though it is not very clear when or where the video was taken, its content is as clear as a crystal. A firearm wielding man is caught on camera insulting and threatening what seems to be a man in a garage. The infuriated man is in the company of another man who tries calming him down to no avail as the gun brandishing man hauls threats at the visibly shaken mechanic.

The man is allegedly pissed off because he has been waiting for his car to be fixed for a long time but the ‘lazy and drunk ‘ auto mechanic does not seem to know who the man is taking his sweet time. This is just one of many cases that have seen gun wielding civilians, misuse their privilege.

Here is the Video

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