This Is What Happened To The Jobless Graduate Who Was Begging For A Job On Nairobi Roads

Where there is a will there is a way and no one knows this better than twenty three year old Rakiel Kaoka. The young lady realized that sitting on her Bachelor of Arts in economics and finance degree would not put food on the table and decided to take matters into her own hands and do the unimaginable.

Her phone has been ringing endlessly for a while with companies and people calling the young graduate for a job and or interviews for a post. This is a result of her brave actions where she made a placard that stated she was a degree holder who needed a job. This bore fruit and Miss Rakiel is now on a three month internship at the youth enterprise fund, that she chose amidst many other offers because of the ‘nice package deal’ she was offered.
Josiah Moriasi, says the post is only temporary before they find a more permanent post for the CPA 5 holder who seems elated that someone noticed her brave actions and came to her rescue.

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