Lilian Muli’s Taken, Could This Be Her New Man?


Beautiful television anchor Lilian Muli got a lot of attention following her divorce from ex-husband Moses Kanene. She however seems to have put the incident behind her and moved on from it.

During the weekend, she attended the Jamrock Reggae Ceremony accompanied by an unknown man.

The two seemed to be enjoying their time at the ceremony as they quietly sat taking their drinks. Muli was really enjoying the music as she was seen dancing from the moment she walked into the ceremony at around 4.30pm until she left at around 10pm.

The man who accompanied her to the ceremony has not yet been identified. However, from the look of things it seems like he is a special person in Lilian Muli’s life.

Kenyans on social media believe she deserves to have a great time and hopefully a great relationship considering what she had to go through when married to Moses Kanene.

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