“I Am Not Married Anymore”, This Is The Surprising Reason Why DNG Decided To End His Marriage After A Few Months


Barely a year into his marriage DNG decided to end things and file for a divorce due to unreconcilable differences. According to him, things did not work out and it felt like the entire marriage was a sham and wasn’t going anywhere. The marriage was a mistake and people shouldn’t judge him for his imperfections since he is only human.

In a recent TV interview on Citizen, DNG decided to shed some light on the issue after being trolled endlessly on social media. He felt that many people were judging him negatively without taking the time to understand what really happened. When asked why he hadn’t commented on the matter earlier, he said that he didn’t feel the need to explain himself since his private live didn’t involve his public one.

Here are some of his words:

Currently DNG is dating some new lass but he hasn’t revealed any plans of settling down.

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