Outspoken Activist Boniface Mwangi Is Doing His KCSE And Is Afraid He Is Going To Fail Miserably

The revelation that Human rights activist cum photojournalist Boniface Mwangi does not have a form four certificate left many Kenyans in deep shock. Mwangi has been known for launching attack after attack against government officials little did Kenyans know that had not sat for KCSE. Despite his stellar career, Mwangi opted to sit for KCSE. His popularity could not allow him sit in a classroom somewhere and do his examination with other candidates. This forced him to register as a private candidate.

Speaking to the Sunday Nation, Mwangi confirmed that he is sitting for this secondary examination. Sources indicated that he was expelled from High school even before he could complete form one over 18 years ago. Mwangi saw the need to have a form four certificate and enrolled at Visionary Tution Center in South B, Nairobi where he is said to be sitting the exams. However, he has expressed fear that he is likely to fail the examinations. If that happens then he will not have an option but to resit the examinations next year. The outspoken human rights activist has said that the fierce battle with politicians from different parts of the nation is likely to make him perform dismally.

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