These Are The Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Jimmy Gait, This Will Shock You

Jimmy Gait’s journey to stardom has been marred with all sorts of challenges. If you thought Jimmy Gait woke up one fine morning and found himself lying in a pool of money then you are wrong. As much as he is not on the Forbes list of the richest Kenyans, money is not a problem to Gait anymore. The melody-voiced singer has been supporting upcoming talents because he got the money.

After a long period of silence, Gait has finally come out to speak about some of the worst things that happened in his life before he had a breakthrough. In one of his interviews, Gait confessed that he has been locked out his house severally for failing to pay rent at the end of the month. The artist also recalls a time when he girlfriend dumped him for his friend who had a lot of money.

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