This Is The New Miss USIU And This Is What People Think About The Judge’s Decision

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have lashed out at Miss United States International University (USIU) for her unattractive looks. Users of social media, who are known for their bluntness and savagery, could not keep quiet when several photos of Miss USIU hit the headlines a few days ago. A number of them went ahead to question the sobriety of the judges who oversaw the crowning of this year’s beauty contest at the institution.

USIU has been known for beautiful girls who have been making members of the so called Team Mafisi Sacco to convene endless meetings but this time round the institution got it wrong. The new Miss USIU, Nneka, has been the talk of town. Hundreds of social media users have been wondering which criterion was used to crown her. If there is a way to petition for the outcome of the contest then the losers should be on their way to court. Hate her or love her, the crown is her’s.


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