This Is What You Didn’t Know About This Gorgeous Nairobi Hawker Who Has Become The Talk Of The Town


She is the talk of town and even though not much is known about her, this ravishing beauty has motorists and pedestrians alike all hot and bothered. She hawks every little thing you can think of around the Pangani junction and she became an instant hit after a camera wielding motorist introduced her, easy on the eyes, face to the internet.

Her beauty is one thing but the fact she is a hawker seems to excite social media even more with everyone commending her for hanging in there and not using her beauty to get ahead in life as is the norm in Nairobi. There are however a few people who are skeptical about her staying on the streets for too long as they are of the opinion that a ‘sponsor’ will soon swoop her away. One thing is for sure though this beauty will have you buying things you never have in your life.

Here are some comments people posted:

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