This Is Why Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto Had To Seek Surgery That Does Not Involve Cutting Or Stitching Abroad

Upon returning to the country, Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto was met with a lot of questions concerning why he chose to seek medical attention abroad. The questions prompted the governor to explain the circumstances surrounding the issue.

The Bomet Governor explained that he had been referred to a South African hospital by the Nairobi hospital. He said that the reason for the referral was because he needed surgery that did not involve any stitching or cutting. He explained that the doctors used a process known as minimal invasion whereby, instead of cutting through his face, they used an internal access guided by cameras and completed the surgery is just three hours.
Kenyans mocked him for seeking treatment abroad for a simple surgery yet recently Kenyan doctors had been able to separate conjoined twins making it the first sarcophagus surgery in Africa.

The government was injured after police used tear gas to disperse a clash that took place during a football match in Silibwet Stadium.

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