A Rongai Matatu Conductor Is Back In The News For Doing This Unbelievable Act Of Cruelty


The family of a young man who is said to have been bitten by a Rongai conductor is not pleased with the police. This is because the police have not taken any action even after the family recorded police statements and reported the incident to them.

Jane Wambui the victim’s sister says that they are shocked that the conductor is still walking free a month later. She says that they believe the police are afraid to arrest him because he comes from a wealthy family; which the family recently discovered.

Wambui disclosed on social media that her brother had boarded the Rongai matatu when the conductor tried to pick pocket him prompting a fight between them. She said that her brother was bitten on the lip to the extent that some of the flesh on his lip was removed. She added that the matatu stopped shortly after that and the conductor threw him out and stole his phone. Upon reporting the case to the police, Jane says that her brother was thrown out by the madam he found there.

Samuel Kandie the OCS of Ongata Rongai however denied the claims that they were protecting the culprit. He said that they are still looking for him and that he would be arraigned in court once they arrest him.

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