Chandaria CEO and Betty Kyalo Spend Sunday Together in Kshs20 Million Toys

Darshan Chandaria the Chandaria Industries and Group CEO and KTN’S Betty Kyalo spent their Sunday in style cruising in vehicles valued at about kshs20 million.

Darshan posted a picture of himself with a Mercedes Benz ML Class SUV valued at about kshs13 million and a Porsche Cayenne 2015 which is valued at kshs6.7 million in the background.

He captioned the picture by saying that was enjoying his Sunday with his toys and that Betty Kyalo was the one racing him. Betty Kyalo has a passion for speeding in SUVs and she once held a cars show. Her ex-husband Dennis Okari once shared a picture of their daughter inspecting her mother’s BMW SUV.

Darshan on the other hand also has a passion for luxury vehicles. In fact, he buys one every year and once his garage is full, he disposes of some of them.

Interestingly, all his vehicles normally have a triple number plate. The Porsche and the Mercedes both have the 333 number plate.

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