Here Is Another Graduate Begging for a Job on the Streets after Investing 200K in a Master’s Degree

Earlier this year, a young graduate stood in the street with a placard with his qualifications on it seeking a job from potential employers. His bold move got the attention of many people and he was able to secure a job. Shortly after that a young lady did the same thing and her efforts paid off as well. Elijah Yegon a 29 year old has decided to do the same thing. He braved the Monday morning rain to advertise his skills to potential employers.

He has been a victim of two companies that had to restructure and retrench to cut back on costs but he still believes he has a chance. He used his lifetime savings to acquire a Master’s Degree.

The struggle started back when he was in high school. He had to drop out and when he resumed his studies, he did not pass very well. he repeated form four in 2005 and got a B+ that qualified him for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Statistics. He graduated in 2012.

Mr Yegon says that he did CPA section 1 and 2 while still in school and believed he had enough background upon completing school. He got a job as a sales representative at a local bank in 2013 but the company decided to downsize and he was affected. He later got a job at Kenafric which also downsized and he was affected once again. He therefore decided to invest his savings of Kshs200, 000 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Project Planning and Management at the University of Nairobi.

He says that he did not think it was possible not to get a job since there were so many projects being started.
He had to defer four units because he ran out of savings and he did not have a job. He is currently being housed by a friend in Eastleigh. He wakes up early to drop his Curriculum Vitae every morning. He says he has applied for 500 jobs both online and physically since he started.

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