Meet This Monster Landlord Who Locked Two Girls Inside Their House For A Month For Not Paying Rent


Two sisters were locked inside their house by their landlord in Shabab area in Nakuru for having three month areas of rent. The girls were rescued on Tuesday by concerned neighbours.

The police were informed by the neighbours that the two girls aged 14 and 22 had been locked inside the house. The two girls said that they woke up on October 29th only to find their door locked.

The 22 year old who is a student at Multimedia University said that their mother who was living at her friend’s house would bring them food everyday through the window.

Their mother also said that she was afraid of reporting the incident because she thought they would be arrested for defaulting on the rent. She added that she owed the landlord three months of rent amounting to kshs21, 000.
Mr Joshua Omukata the OCPD of Nakuru subdivision said the girls would stay in police custody as they undergo interrogation. he urged all agents and landlords to follow appropriate procedures when tenants default on rent.

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