This Is The Best Reason Why Some “Gospel Songs” Can Only Be Played In A Club And Not Church


Without considering ‘Kutembea Nawe’ by Rebekah Dawn, most of the top gospel songs in 2016 have been done by secular artists.

Mungu Pekee by Nashinski an Kuliko Jana by Sauti Sol are by far the best gospel songs we have heard in 2016. Willy Paul and Size 8’s ‘Tiga Wana’ was expected to be a hit gospel song but the song did not live up to the expectations.

Many Kenyans were not pleased with the two. They accused them of mixing gospel with secular music and it was quite clear on Facebook and YouTube that Kenyans were disappointed in them.

One Kenyan asked, “is this a gospel song? How do I unwatch this?

Annie Peters said, “Can’t imagine I just waste my 3 minutes of my life to watch/ listen to holy crap.. what wrong with these Kenyans gospels musicians…this not gospel music R.I.P”

Another said, “Hii ngoma hata itachezwa club hakuna Gospel hapo.

Here is the video in case you haven’t had a chance to view it

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