This Is The Sexy Woman Trying To Fit Kirigo Ng’arua Shoes At Citizen Tv After Many Big Names Were Fired

When the Royal Media Services sent home over 100 employees under the strategic realignment plan, many people were shocked to see some of the best reports and news anchors laid off. Among those who lost their jobs during the exercise were Kirigo Ng’arau, Terry Ann Chebet and Patrick Igunza. The sacking of the employees made most viewers to turn to other stations such as KTN and NTV little did they know what the SK Macharia was up to.

Hot 96’s Joey Muthegi, who is also the sister to celebrate gospel artist Holy Dave, is the new face on Television making men to drool instead of watching news. Sources have revealed that Joey Muthengi is far better than the former host. The combination of Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi has made fans of the Royal Media services to start creeping back like Chelsea fans that had gone silent during the last season of the English premier league only to resurface after the team humbled their arch rivals Manchester United 4 goals.

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