Jesus Spotted Roaming Nairobi CBD With No Shoes

When you think of how Jesus looks, chances are that you picture what you have seen in the movies. A slender man with long straight hair and a beard, wearing a long tunic or robe. All this was with what we have always called “Jesus sandals” and in some movies, he was bear-footed.

Residents of Nairobi were pleasantly surprised to see a man who would perfectly fit this movie description. The Caucasian man was spotted walking along the streets of the Central Business District. He had everything – white skin, long straight hair and a long beard. His outfit and the fact that he was bare-foot further fueled humorous speculations that Christ was back.

A couple of passers-by garnered the courage to ask the Jesus-look-alike for a couple of selfies. Social Media has been awash with a few pictures and now Nairobians are now on the look-out for a moment to take a selfie with the heavily bearded ‘Jesus’ man.

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