Diamond Platinumz Wife Zari Hassan Lied About Her Age, This Is Her Real Age As Verified By Maina Kageni

Diamond Platinumz Wife Zari Hassan is trending again but this time for lying about her age. Many usually debate about the age difference between Zari and her lover but nothing had been backed up by facts until now. Maina Kageni actually joined the bandwagon a while back and has been referring to Zari as a 41-year-old woman.

Zaris Ex-boyfriend and close friend to ex-husband King Lawrence took it upon himself to tell the world her real age last year in a post he put up on Instagram.

In the post, King Lawrence posted a picture of himself in the background with a caption saying: “The smile you put on your face when your ex is pregnant at 41 years”. All in all, Zari looks unaffected by the negativity surrounding the whole issue and is more focused on her new born son. She currently has 5 beautiful kids.

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