Maisha Ni Ngumu: This Is Why This Former Member Of Camp Mulla Is Currently A Taxi Driver

Social media is on fire after it emerged that a former member of the hip hop group Camp Mulla now works a cab driver. Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have continued to express mixed reaction following reports by one of the group’s fan that Mykie Tonie works with Uber not as a manager but a driver. He opted for this to probably make some cash as he has now quit music.

Camp Mulla went down the books of history as one of the most promising hip hop groups in the nation after scooping various awards. Formed in 2009, Camp Mulla was made up of four guys and one girl (Morey, Shappaman, Karun, Mykie Toni and Kus Ma). The members opted to go solo after releasing the album Funky. With the hashtag #CampMulla, fans expressed shock after realizing that Koni had decided to ditch his bright musical career to become a taxi driver. Although we are yet to validate the information, KOT cannot get enough of this.

Here is some proof:

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