Eric Omondi Is The Subject Of Online Jokes After He Takes Off All His Cloths And Puts On Some Skin In This New Video

Well it seems Eric Omondis comical madness will not be coming to an end any time soon. This is after he released his latest parody that is a recreation of the 1980’s South African film, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. In the video, Eric is seen wearing nothing but some skin flaps in the front and the back. He is also holding a bow string similar to the one used by traditional hunters.

“The Gods Must Be Crazy” was a film originally written and directed by Jamie Uys. Unlike many movies produced in South Africa it became one of the most commercially successful films released in the country’s history. The film follows the story Xi, a San of the Kalahari Desert whose indigenous tribe has no knowledge of the outside word until a strange object (a glass Coca-Cola bottle) mysteriously appears in their village. They presume that this must be a gift from the gods but soon come to the conclusion that the gods must have been absent-minded when sending them the artifact.

Here are some more pics from the video:

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