This Four-Year Old Boy Was Kidnapped At Gunpoint In Thika Town And The Family Needs Your Help

Crime has been a prime predicament especially in major towns in Kenya. Residents of Thika town are the latest victims in cases where robbers attack residential areas armed with deadly weapons. It has been a nightmare for a boy who was kidnapped a few days ago. The boy, a four year old who hails from section 9 Estate in Thika town experienced the worst a kid his age could experience.

The boy’s name which is Kelson kimani was at their home when armed robbers took him by force. The gangsters had robbed the place when they took the kid with them. In the most inhumane way, they frightened the child, who was helpless. After the incident, the victims including the family of the kidnapped boy headed straight to the police station. They then recorded the statement explaining the horrific events.

Contact information was shared, so if anyone who could help would get in touch with either the police, or family members

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