Crying Woman Accuses Top Rapper Of Sleeping With Teenage Girls After Spending Her Hard Earned Money

Olinda Chapel, who is the wife of Zimbabwean rapper Stunner, has come out lamenting about her husband cheating with teenage girls despite being a married man. Chapel is clearly a bitter woman after she opted to share a video while shedding tears about her husband’s change of character. In the video, which is doing rounds all over social media, the woman faulted the artist for sleeping with young girls instead of concentrating on his family like other trustworthy men out there.

She also alleged that she has been financing the rapper only for him to misuse the hard earned cash with girls. The woman further claimed that their marriage has been nothing but heart ache and pain. Chapel complained about working around the clock to make life better for her family only for the husband to cheat on her at the end of the day. “Stunner Desmond Chideme is an [expletive], look at me; I’m a very hardworking woman, I work seven days in a week, for a man to start cheating on me, sleeping with 18 – 19-year-old girls, is a shame. I’m disappointed in this man.”

Here is the video:

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