This Is What Elodie Has Been Up To Since Her Nast Break Up With Kibaki’s Grandson

If you frequent YouTube, you’ve probably come across the VLogger Elodie Zone. The popular YouTuber in Kenya, who is a student and has a channel where she shares stories of her personal life. Most of her videos are filled with humor stories, her travel diary and general activities which she does when home. Elodie Zone, the famous YouTuber, has been known to date former president Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrews. She sometimes featured him on some of her videos.

The couple later broke up and Elodie has been updating her fans on her situation through her channel, and other social media sites. Elodie loves the camera. A few days ago, she posted a couple of photos showing different parts of her body. The pictures which were taken in the house, perhaps her bedroom, show an excited Elodie. She seems carefree and enjoying her life. So, what’s next for the YouTuber? We will be watching the space.

Here are some of the photos.

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