Robert Mugabe’s Son Pours Champagne On Ksh 6 Million Diamond-Encrusted Wristwatch Causing A Major Uproar


Robert Mugabe’s son has recently posted a video on Snapchat showing just how lavish his lifestyle really is. In the video he is seen pouring Armand de Brignac Ace Of Spades gold champagne, which apparently costs around KSH 27,000 on his watch. Adding salt to injury, he claimed that he was able to afford the luxurious timepiece because his father run the country. Ironically, 75% of people in Zimbabwe live below the poverty line.

The flamboyant stunt was filmed in a nightclub in the city of Sandton, South Africa having fun with a couple of his friends. As expected this did not go down well with many Zimbabwean taxpayers who viewed the footage online. A twitter user called Mugabe’s sons ‘spoiled and rotten brats’ while another added that Mugabe’s Sons were faulting expensive jewellery yet many in their country were suffering.

Despite the incident, it is highly unlikely that this will hurt Robert Mugabe’s presidential campaign. In fact, many predict that Mrs Mugabe (the wife) is likely to be the next leader of Zimbabwe.


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