Drama As Woman, Turns Into ‘Satan’ And Threatens To Bite Residents In Ol Kalou


Drama As Woman, Turns Into ‘Satan’ And Threatens To Bite Residents In Ol Kalou
There was drama in Ol Kalou Town on Thursday after a 24-year-old woman started acting strangely and threatening to bite everyone within her reach. According to a local daily, the woman, who appeared possessed, disappeared from her business in Kasuku on Wednesday before she was discovered in Ol Kalou. The woman, who is yet to be identified, brought business in some, parts of the town to a standstill when she started wriggling on the ground and uttering incoherent statement.

The woman shocked many when she referred to herself as Madam Lucifer Levanoda. An eye witness told the press that the woman started acting weirdly after she was allegedly presented with a necklace and Soda from one of her friends at Kasuku Market. The woman asked the onlookers for food only to refuse eating the same, and claimed that a huge feast was awaiting her in the Indian Ocean. Six men grabbed her and snatched the necklace after she started threatening to bite residents at the scene. Mr. Jack Mwangi, who was among the men who grabbed her, said that they thought the power was originating from the necklace, but she was very powerful to the point that she bit one of them. The residents were later forced to seek for divine intervention after efforts to burn the necklace failed to bear fruits.


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