This Is Why Ugandan Comedienne Ann Kansiime Decided To End Her Marriage Of Four Years To Her Husband Gerald Ojok


After months of speculation and tell-tale signs of an imminent breakup, Ugandan comedienne Ann Kansiime has confirmed that she and her husband of four years, Gerald Ojok, have separated. This was revealed through her social media page on Facebook. While responding to a question by one of her fans on her marriage status, Kansiime wrote “OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why are we are not, are not for anyone else to know but the two of us.”

According to the Ugandan Blog Big Eye, the marriage begun to fall apart long before most of Kansiime’s fans noticed that she was no longer seen in public in the company of her husband. The blog speculated that Kansiime’s career had become too demanding and thus her husband had been reduced to a second priority. The blog article also added that her alleged inability to conceive might have been a cause for the escalating marriage woes.


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