Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe Is Out And This Is What Is Believed To Have Fuelled The Situation


Yes, you heard right, Zimbabwe’s military have taken over the impoverished nation. They have placed the world’s oldest serving leader, Robert Mugabe, under house arrest and deployed a number of armored vehicles to the streets of Harare, the nation’s capital. According to south African president, Jacob Zuma, the troops have stationed themselves at the presidential palace and Zimbabwe’s Parliament. However, details are still scanty about the take-over since an army spokesman denied a coup was underway on a televised statement.

The current situation

Mugabe has since not been seen in public and a significant army presence has been spotted at the city’s international airport. Although the city seems calm, a number of checkpoints and armoured vehicles have been placed at key locations on the streets of Harare. Long queues could also be seen outside banks and a number of financial institutions.

So, what happened

It is believed that the current chain of events was fueled by Mugabe’s sacking of his powerful vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa. This lead many to believe that Mugabe was preparing to anoint his wife grace as his successor. Apparently Mnangagwa enjoyed a better backing from the military as compared to Grace Mugabe whom many disliked.


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