This Is How A Gang Of Thieves Dug A Tunnel Into KCB Bank In Thika And Stole KSH 50 Million


Like a plot straight out of a science fiction movie a gang of thieves made their way into KCB bank, Thika branch through a 30-metre-long tunnel and stole KSH 50 million. It is believed that the gang dug the tunnel from inside a stall that was on the opposite side of the bank. An oxy-acetylene welding machine was then used to drill holes into the safes that were holding the money.

Ironically, not even the police stationed 150 metres away from the bank noticed any suspicious activity until when the branch manager, Mr Samuel Ng’ang’a noticed the money was missing from the bank’s strong room.

About the stall

The owner of the stall in which the tunnel was discovered is said to have started renting it in June and was yet to settle in. Neighboring store owners would from time to time hear loud sounds from the stall but assumed these were from ongoing repairs.


The police are currently holding three people for questioning, among them is the custodian of the keys for the stalls, the building’s agent and an employee of a phone repair shop which is believed to have been part of the syndicate.

The main suspects are currently at large.


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