This Is The Sad Condition Of The Woman Who Was Gang-Raped In The Nasa Friday March


In a horrific turn of events a middle-aged woman was gang raped by five men who were part of the riotous mob welcoming Raila Odinga on Friday in Nairobi. The men that made their way into her M-Pesa shop at Shauri Moyo, along Jogoo Road also looted and vandalized her property. On Tuesday, Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki visited the woman in hospital and strongly condemned the act that had been committed by the hooligans. In her statement she urged politicians to implore their supporters to use better channels to express their discontent.

According to Dr Muindi Brian who is in charge of clinical services at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, the woman who was raped has been highly traumatized by the ordeal. Even though she is out of danger physically she will have to undergo some psychological treatment before she is released from the hospital. The woman’s disgruntled husband is still in shock and wonders why the goons had to commit the heinous act even after stealing his wife’s money and taking the drinks, she sold at the shop.

Other traders who were affected by the chaos are now demanding justice for their colleague and want the gang of hooligans to be arrested immediately. According to one trader, some of the gang members are well known since they are part of their trading community.


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