Here Are 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wife, Pauline Kalonzo


Very little has been heard about Kalonzo Musyoka’s, wife,Pauline Kalonzo, since she was taken ill in 2015. She is allegedly suffering from an undisclosed ailment that has made her travel abroad for specialised treatment. This is the main reason why Former Vice President Kalonzo, has been missing from some of NASA’s political engagements. Kalonzo is currently with his wife in Germany.

She is shy

Pauline would rarely be spotted with her husband on political functions. Even with her husband’s high political profile, Pauline still prefered to drive herself in a Toyota Corolla.

Public appearances

Pauline was last seen in public in 2015. She also missed out on her son Klein Kalonzo’s graduation from the University of Nairobi School of Journalism and Media Studies.

Marriage Life

Kalonzo married Pauline in 1985 and together they have four children.


Pauline once worked for the Central Bank of Kenya as a Pensions Administrator.


According to some sources at the Nairobi Hospital, Pauline was first admitted on Tuesday December 29, 2015. She was then advised to stay in hospital so that doctors could further examine her.

She is currently in Germany undergoing further treatment.