Lillian Muli Didn’t Expect This To Happen After She Asked KCPE Top Performer Whether She Had A Boyfriend


A section of Kenyans where angered when Lillian Muli asked Goldalyn Kakuya, this year’s KCPE top performer, whether she had a boyfriend. This was during an interview on Citizen TV where Goldalyn’s parents were present. Online trolls were quick to express their disgust and posted all manner of things on Lilian Muli’s social media pages.

For the longest time, Citizen’s TV anchor, Lillian Muli, had been putting up blinders and ignoring the trolls but this time she had had enough. She decided to “Clap Back”.

“I refuse to let people like these insult and get away with it! Why are people so angry though how do you draw a child into such stupid talk! To you Mr Blue suit Watch the interview on Youtube preferably when sober since you are clearly kinda inebriated (google that word lest you think it’s the name of a country). I asked her mother about phones and then asked her if she’s had any issues raising a teenager such as boyfriend drama. Did I at any point direct a boyfriend question to her!” Lillian explained.

Here is what he posted.