This Is Why KCPE Candidates, Parents And Guardians Are Furious at Safaricom And Are Demanding For A Full Refund


Following a number of complaints related to the KCPE short code 22252, Safaricom director of strategy, Joe Ogutu, was forced to issue an explanatory statement. According to the statement, the 22252-short code is run by a third party named Challa Communications Limited. The company is licensed by the Communications Authority and was contracted by the Kenya National Examinations Council to provide the service. However, this time around the short code system experienced some technical issues.

This meant that clients who queried the system experienced massive delays in receiving results. Clients who made repeated queries were billed multiple times on each attempt and as a result a total of 424,011 queries were affected. Safaricom has now been forced to instruct Challa Communications to refund all the affected customers.

Here is the full statement

As usual Kenyans took to social media to express their disgruntlement. Here are some of the comments that were posted on Safaricom’s official Facebook page.