Pictures Of Nameless When He Was Still Very Broke, Bald And Without The Signature Look


David Methenge, better known for his stage name Nameless rose to fame in 1999 through a star search contest on Capital FM, which he won with his original hit single Megarider. In 2001, Nameless signed up with one of the longest serving record labels, Ogopa Deejays, a decision that skyrocketed his career. He’s been in the game for two decades producing major chart breakers such as “Boomba Train”, “Ninanoki”, “Nasinzia”, “African Beauty”, “Deadly”, “Sunshine” and more recently, “Inspire”.

Although he now owns a fleet of classy cars, Nameless was once so broke that he couldn’t afford his own bus fare. Before the signature look everyone has now come to associate him with, he was bald. Here is a picture of him back in the day, before all the money and fame.

The picture was taken at his first job where he worked as a machine operator at an undisclosed factory. He captioned it #TBT… 20years difference but Somethings don’t change…#laughoutLoud #biglaugh #mjengo #firstJob#factorymachineoperator #happysoul #stilllovedjuice #msichekepliz#thehusstlewasandstillisreal #mungumkubwa