This Is How Much Government Will Spend To End Lecturer’s Strike


The national government is expected to spend Sh.5.2 of its annual budget to resolve the ongoing countrywide lecturer’s strike. The strike has paralyzed learning in different institutions across the country. Kenyatta University, Maseno, Nairobi University and Jomo Kenya University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) are among the universities that have closed down because of the ongoing strike. In a letter released to newsrooms, the said amount will be used in improving the remuneration of lecturers across the nation.

“To avert the ongoing strike by universities staff approval has been granted to the State Department for University Education to spend Sh5, 286,708,183 under Article 223 of the Constitution to enable payment of the enhanced salaries and allowance,” reads part of the letter.

Universities education has continued to experience a number of challenges including the current political stalemate between the opposition and ruling government. Learners have lamented over short semesters among other issues because of the strikes. On their part, lecturers have maintained that they will only resume their jobs after the government heeds to their demands.