This Is How Mugabe Offered His Wife In Exchange For Power


As Emmerson Mnangagwa was being sworn in today, details emerged how Robert Mugabe was so desperate to retain power that he offered to trade in his wife as part of the negotiations. The revelations contained in the South African Daily Mail & Guardian claim that Mugabe offered to send his wife, Grace Mugabe, away so that he could remain in power. Grace would then have to live out the rest of her days outside Zimbabwe in exile.

Mnangagwa is however reported to have out rightly declined the offer and threatened to expose some damning secrets about Mugabe’s administration. Some of the criminal charges that would be brought against the 93-year-old deposed Head of State included killings that were reportedly sanctioned during his time in office.

Current reports indicate that keeping Mugabe out of jail and allowing his family to retain their assets formed part of the negotiations during the exchange of power.