This Is Probably What You Didn’t Know About Gabriel Odhiambo, The 16 Year Old Teen Who Survived A Murderous Attack during the Violent Clashes in Nairobi


A family has been left in shock and agony after their teenage son was violently attacked and left for dead in Nairobi. The boy got caught up in the deadly clashes which were instigated by Raila’s arrival back into the country. A couple of pictures that are now circulating on social media show the boy covered in blood and obviously a great deal of pain. His assailants are purported to have stripped him of his clothes and attempted to forcefully circumcise him.

On the fateful day, Gabriel’s father, Walter Omollo, says that he gave his son some money to purchase clothes at the Gikomba Market even though he was aware that he was unfamiliar with the city. When the attack happened, Gabriel was in the company of his two friends, one of whom was injured and taken to hospital while the other escaped unharmed.

For more than 14 hours the whereabouts of Gabriel were unknown as his family frantically searched for him at police stations and the city mortuary. He was eventually found at the Kenyatta National Hospital, casualty wing, beaten and broken. Although no suspects have been arrested so far, the father blames the mishap on the so called, Nairobi Business Community.