This Is The Real Reason Why Churchill Rejected Uhuru And Raila’s Request To Attend His ‘Churchill @40’ Show


Celebrated Comedian Daniel Ndambuki more popularly known as Churchill declined Uhuru and Raila’s Request to attend his ‘Churchill @40’ show that will go down at the KICC on Friday. According to Nairobi News, he had a number of reasons why he didn’t want them to attend.

“Uhunye (Uhuru) wanted to attend but I asked him not to and explained why. The same case was with Rao (Raila)” Churchill said.

The two where purposely excluded from the list which includes prominent personalities, entrepreneurs and media personalities since they would steal the limelight.

“With the situation still volatile in the country and as things seems to be, my event won’t be an ideal place for them because they will steal my moment,” Churchill explained.

The show that has been hyped for a while now will begin at 6pm and will celebrate Churchill’s 40th birthday.