These Are The Billions Mugabe Will Carry Home After Resignation


Zimbabwe’s immediate former President Robert Mugabe will take home Sh.10 3 billion following his resignation. According to The Guardian, a British paper, Mugabe and has family were granted the package after he agreed to vacate office. The source also revealed that the 93-year will be paid half the amount upfront and the remaining amount will be remitted in installments in coming months over unspecified period. The Zimbabwean government is also expected to pay his security, medical care, foreign travel and domestic staff.

The former head of state will also be paid a monthly salary of Sh.15.5 million per month for the rest of his life. His wife, Grace Mugabe, will also get half of the amount per month for the rest of her life. Mugabe has also protected from any form of prosecution following his long-term rule. His family will also not be taken to court in regard to the extensive business interests across the country. The resignation of Mugabe has continued to elicit mixed reactions from different factions.