Video: Strange Attack By Bees Makes ‘Thief’ Return Stolen Items


Drama arose in Masindi town, Uganda with the sight of a ‘walking hive’. The man was spiked by a swarm of bees after reportedly having stolen household items from a resident of Kijura North cell in Masindi District. The man, whose identity is still vague, was barely clothed and without shoes as he footed through the town carrying a black woofer and a DVD believed to have been the stolen items. Fred Musiime, an eyewitness, informed the Daily Monitor that the bees invaded the man’s neck, head and part of the back. There were others in his pockets. He caught the attention of a crowd on his way to Masindi police station. Others were busy taking photos and video shots, according to Musiime’s report.

He is said to have walked from Kirasa cell, moved along the main street then stopped at the police station.

Stolen items

The police however did not help him, compelling him to proceed to Kijura North Cell where he was suspected to have stolen the items. Videos shared by eyewitnesses on social media captured the man wailing with the woofer in his right hand and his left covering his face in shame.

The man finally resulted to going to the home of a female witchdoctor in Kijura who poured a liquid on him which made the bees fly away. The incident, though not reported, called to the interest of police detectives as said by Mr. Julius Hakiza, the Midwestern regional police spokesman.

He is supposedly believed to have been bewitched after making away with the household items.


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